The heart of the YogaSite system is the website where your customers can register for the courses and classes you offer, and the design philosophy is to let the computer program do as much of the work as possible, reducing the efforts you and your staff make. The system also attempts to be as comprehensive as possible, so you don't have to juggle multiple systems to get your work done.

This means that you enter information about courses and classes in one place, and the system distributes the information throughout the website and registration system. When your students register for courses, the system creates class rosters and financial reports.

For ashrams and retreat centers, your guests can book their accommodation choices online when they register for courses and your staff can manage the accommodation assignments through a color-coded chart. A variety of reports are created to add your kitchen, accommodation, and housekeeping staffs.

For centers and yoga studios, where you need to quickly process students for drop-in courses, the system offers barcoded membership cards, with automatic recognition of membership and class-pass status, so all you need to do is scan cards as students enter the class.