Terms and Conditions

Note: These terms and conditions apply to the YogaSite packages. Terms and conditions for custom projects may differ.


Internetopolis®  will provide web hosting on a VPS server, domain registration services, and a content management system (CMS) for the creation and management of a single website.

The client will use the provided web-based administrative system (CMS) to upload files and manage web pages and will have no other access to server resources or files.

The client will be responsible for adding and maintaining the content of their website and is solely liable for the content.

Monthly Fees & Payments

All packages contain monthly fees. Invoices are delivered via email on the first of the month to the business email address provided by the account purchaser. Payment may be made by credit card through the Internetopolis website or by check to Internetopolis®, POB 1712, Colfax, CA 94713. Payment must be made in US currency.

Late Payments

Payments are due within one month and incur a 15% late fee on the first of the following month. Access to administration systems may be blocked when an invoice becomes past due. An invoice outstanding for two months will result in suspension of the public website.


The client may cancel service at any time, but without any refunds.


Internetopolis® may terminate service with one month notice, and without any refunds.

Technical Support

Phone and email technical support is provided for the first month, after which further support is provided by email only. Technical support is provided only for the operations and features of the website services purchased and is not provided for related technologies.

Third Party Scripts

Clients may not upload or install javascript, PHP script or any third party software to their account or to the server. In most cases the system will automatically delete any embedded script.

The client may upload HTML and CSS scripts to the website as these do not pose security risks.


Pursuant to United States law, the client may only use images, text, and other content on the website which the client has the legal right to use. The client is responsible for being aware of relevant copyright restrictions and is solely responsible for any violations. The client may not use the website to share or distribute materials the client does not have the legal right to share or distribute.

Inappropriate Content

Content of a sexually explicit nature, content promoting illegal activity, and content Internetopolis determines is of a hateful or offensive nature may be removed from any website without notice. For more information about this restriction, please contact Internetopolis.

This document last revised on May 31, 2016