Internetopolis continually refines the YogaSite system based on customer feed-back.

You can request new features and make suggestions for feature modifications. You can even purchase custom modifications, when appropriate.

With the YogaSite system, some features are optional, so you pay only for what you need. To add features to your account, call Internetopolis at (530)263-9066.

Sell Merchandise: $89/mo.

The store feature allows you to sell merchandise through the website and also at your physical location. Easily place items on sale and advertise it on the website. Inventory and vendor management. Point-of-sale hardware integration.

International Services: $39/mo.

Allow website visitors to browse your website in the languge they choose. Add as many languages as you need. You control all the translations.

Choose the currency customers should pay with: Euro, Dollars, Yuan, etc.

Blog: $18 mo.

The blog feature is included in the Yoga Studio and Retreat Center packages and can be purchased as an upgrade to the Deluxe and Starter packages.

Improve your SEO rank and attract visitors to your website by adding a blog. Define blog categories, add blog contributors, write blog posts and manage them through an interface that works the same as the rest of the site management. Visitors can add comments to blog posts, which you can then manage.

Sell digital media online: $39/mo.

Upload music, video, lectures and other digital media for sale online. The buyer pays online and receives an email with download instructions. Easily manage the digital offerings and their website presentation.