International Services

YogaSite can be used to create a web presence anywhere in the world.


Visitors to your YogaSite website can view it using any language you choose. Your website can be in a single language or as many languages as you need. Website visitors will choose their language from a list. The illustration on the right shows how you can add and remove languages. The image on the left shows part of a web page in Chinese. YogaSite provides the structure and management tools for multi-lingual websites and you have complete control over the translations.


Select the currency you wish your visitors to purchase services and merchandise with. YogaSite can accept credit card payments in currencies supported by the and payment processors.

Time Zones

The Internetopolis server, the payment processor and your location may all be in different time zones. YogaSite automatically converts transactions to your local time.

International services are an add-on feature costing just $39/month.